Thursday, January 8, 2009

Farewell Gene and Ugly Bangs

It's true, I find Bravo shows to be extremely predictable, highly edited and incredibly amazing. They always clue you into who is going home long before the deicision is made. Take last night for example, Eugene or "Gene" as people have apparently started calling him, made a sweet phone call home. The phone call to the family is almost always a warning signal that the hour of elimination is close at hand. I must say I liked Eugene at first, with his surprise Indian dish he made, and his lack of training as a chef, I was rooting for him. That feeling however became lost amongst his several failed dishes, his arrogance, and when people started calling him Gene.

The challenge was to create a dish that embodies you and tells the new Simon Cowell wannabe judge, Toby Young (who occasionally thinks he is a movie critic rather than a food critic), what you are all about as a chef. Eugene made red snapper which resulted in Toby Young saying that it was "the bland leading the bland" and he was later axed.

Peace Out Eugene


Not one but TWO people were eliminated, and who did they also find to eliminate? Yup, ugly face and bangs, terrible green trucker hatted Melissa. She made fish tacos, which according to some contestants, tasted "too fishy". Fishy Fish Tacos? Gross. That description is wrong in many ways, and makes me feel a little nauseous. Bye Bye Melissa...
Top Chef's decisions for elimination are usually extremely fair. I wanted Eugene and Melissa gone a long time ago. And Tada! It happened. What a treat. Also the quote of the week goes to Fabio "This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop"

Congrats to whiny Jamie for finally winning with her crappy scallops.

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Make the RITE choice, gorgeous. Meet me in Heaven. This earth is just passing away, as our age shows: born one day, croak 88ish years later. What we do in this finite existence? Determines how our Divine Judgment goes, whether we achieve Heaven... and if we make Heaven? Kick-some-ass. I’ll be having a BIG-ol, woohoo, party-hardy, too, celebrating our resurrection for eons and eons, fulla nekk’n and luvin, drinkin and dancing and nekkid'ness - clothes will be optional. Wanna come? You’re most invited, babe --- The difficult part of our journey toward the Light? Ready or not, we ALL must succumb to death sometime somewhere someday. Pray for me, k? I pray for you everyday. God bless you.