Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello My Name is Dster Sr., and I am addicted to reality shows

So last night I realized that I have succumed to lowest of all lows.....I am addicted to The Bachelor!!!!!! There are about 1.5 millions reasons why I despise this show. Actually my roomates and I sat around during the first episode and listed off at least 10 reasons why it's an improprable show. Let's start with the fact that the only bachelor to find love and follow through was...drumroll please......The Bachelorette! Which only proves that women are better judge of character. Secondly, you are telling me that you can find someone to marry in a room of 25 girls within a matter of weeks? Secondly, the fact that this nice guy who is in reality a sleeze (even if he is a single dad, brain surgeon, ironman winner, et all) makes out/hooks up with all of the girls at his whim, seriously SICK. And finally, I am positive that if you put so many girls in a room with one guy, even if the guy was a toothless, halitosis ridden, blubber butt, the spirit of competition would win over and they would still cat-fight it up. So then tell me why I am on week #2 of this horrid display of reality show madness and am itching for next Monday when I can relive it all again!? I have reached reality show freak status and I am not happy about it : ( If I start to watch Bromance, the TV is going out the window....

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