Friday, January 9, 2009

The Real Douche

So last night I finally got to watch the premiere of the Real World: Brooklyn. Mostly I was just excited for the transgendered roomie Katelynn.

Transgendered is the new thing for the reality shows to have. ANTM had Isis of course but Katelynn is one step further as she is just recently post-op. So thankfully she won't be eliminated on the bathing suit challenge (sorry Isis). The season seems interesting enough, and all the "is she a man" talk was amusing, but mostly it was a snoozer. Douche of the week goes to Ryan

He's ignorant, dumb, and calls his girlfriend Belle, even though her name is Melissa. I couldn't watch when he started singing his song about Iraq. It was the most painful thing I've ever watched. His "book" that he's writing sounds really great! Wait. No it's probably about as good as his Iraq song. 

Oh well, can't wait for the future sex, fights, and embarrassments! Thank you MTV.

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